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Gothic, Horror, and Fantasy 
Soundtracks for the Imagination
Est. 1996
For a quarter of a century, Midnight Syndicate has been synonymous with haunting themes, gothic fantasy soundtracks, and musical storytelling at its most evocative. Utilizing a signature blend of orchestral music and sound effects to create “soundtracks to imaginary films, the band has pioneered music in the haunted attraction, horror music, and tabletop gaming industries. Their career includes thirteen studio albums, a live album, three compilations, three movie soundtracks, a motion picture, and a successful horror-themed multimedia concert series performed at the legendary Cedar Point amusement park. 

With a worldwide following and sales of close to a million units, their catalog includes the first official soundtracks to the legendary roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons and Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. Their music has been featured in television shows, films, videogames, theatrical productions, tours by horror artists like King Diamond and Misfits, as well as sampled by Grammy-Award winning rap artists. Among  Rue Morgue Magazine’s 50 Essential Horror Albums – Discs that Created, Evolved, or Defined Genre Music Over the Decades, their music can be heard in countless homes, haunted attractions, and amusement parks around the world every Halloween. Close your eyes and let the music transport you to worlds and movies of your own imagination!

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